Creative Marketing Strategies

What is Lifestyle Marketing?
Your home has a story to tell. Our unique way of sharing that story creates an effective and emotional connection that engages buyers and helps them envision themselves living in your home. It works because it is focused, sophisticated, tailored and personal, sharing the lifestyle of your home using actors, music and clever cinematography that is so much more than a virtual tour.


We use storytelling to create those strong emotional connections with buyers to keep them interested and propel them to reach out to us to introduce them to your home. Our lifestyle videos include storylines to ensure viewers are captivated and engaged for longer periods of time, while our target marketing strategies take on the job of showcasing your listing to such audiences as many times as possible so your home can stay top of mind. 

We immerse ourselves in each home to express THE STORY that makes it unique.


We rely on tools such as custom features magazines, brochures, fact sheets, open houses with catered meal service, personalized handwritten letter mail outs, lifestyle cinematography and customized experiences to support every part of our listing cycle. So, while our marketing plan elements need to be visually appealing, they also need to capture the factual details and remain functional.



There's a difference between listing your home and truly marketing it. Our process is thorough and detailed, developing a custom marketing plan that pampers you through the process and is proven to sell your home faster, at a higher price, and with minimal disruption to you.
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